Crispy Chai Sticks

These are super easy to make and although they are not one of my more healthy ideas...  they are perfect as an  impressive looking desert option to serve at parties with our Choc Chilli Sauce and a bowl of fresh strawberries (to make it look and feel a little healthier :)

Also great for when you have unexpected visitors to have with a coffee or chai.

Makes 32


2 x sheets of puff pastry (which ever is your favourite) or you can make your own..

coconut oil spray 

1/2 cup Chai Plus

1/2 cup Choc Chilli Sauce

Fresh strawberries  


1. Pre heat your oven to 260 c

2. Cut each pastry sheet in half  and spray or coat with coconut oil 

3. Sprinkle the sheets with the Chai Plus on both sides.

4. Place strips on a baking sheet/tray and cook until golden and puffed. 

5. When cool pop the Chai Sticks in a bowl or cups

6. Serve with bowls of  Chocolate Chilli sauce as a dipping sauce along with the fresh strawberries.