Emmalene's Apple Crumble

Emmalene  came up with this recipe one day when we wanted just a little something sweet but still healthy. Its delicious!!


Serves  4 (well maybe 2)


4 x granny smith apples , thinly sliced

3 x tablespoons of TLC mix

1/2 cup of toasted walnut

1/4 cup shredded coconut

1/4 cup of coconut palm sugar

1 tablespoon of butter or substitute, (you could use coconut oil)



Arrange the apples  in a shallow casserole dish

Place all the other ingredients into a food processor and process until it resembles 

bread crumbs, spoon over the apple and pop in the oven to brown. 

Variations: Try adding sultanas or raisins to the apple mix. Serve with  almond or 

Could also be nice with banana instead of apple... just a thought!coconut cream or even silken tofu that has been blended with a little vanilla and coconut sugar.