Grab & go breakfast oat biscuits

grab and go oat biscuits

Many would think that having a cafe and all the necessary ingredients on hand would mean that I would make myself amazing breakfasts every day ... but usually I am way to busy to sit down and have a good breakfast and I never actually feel like anything to eat until I have been up for a while and running around.  

I do have a bit of a morning ritual which includes checking emails while sipping on a smoothie or coffee before work, which lead me to this article and I decided that maybe some oats would be a good occasional addition to my diet, but wanted something that was easy to grab and go, or even as a healthy snack with a cup of tea

They are adapted from another recipe I saw somewhere and this is  the 2nd version, the first was ok but not amazing. One of my favourite customers, taste testers, made a modification suggestion on which I quickly adapted and presented to her on her next visit (thanks Mariska). So this is the recipe I am running with, which is yummy but further adaptions are likely to happen. 

oat biscuit mix


2 tablespoons of TLC Mix

1 1/2 cups of oats

1/4 cup of sunflower seeds, or a mix of your favourite nuts and seeds. 

1 organic apple

1 organic banana

10-12 medjool dates

1 cup of organic raspberries, blueberries or a mix and you can use frozen.

1/4 coconut sugar or rice malt syrup


Heat an oven to approx. 200c 

1. Place the berries in a microwave safe glass bowl with the coconut sugar or rice malt syrup and cook for 2 mins. (HINT:make sure you use a big bowl or it will bubble up and overflow all over the place leaving you with a lovely sticky mess to clean up)

oat biscuits

2. While the berries are cooking , mash the banana and grate the apple (skin on, so make sure its washed well)

3. Chop the dates into small pieces4. Whiz half the oats in a food processor a little, not to much though.

5. Combine all the oats with the mashed banana, apple, TLC Mix, dates and seeds,  it will be a nice sticky doughy mess. 

6.  Squeeze into golf ball size balls and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper. 

7. Press each ball with your thumb leaving a nice little dent in the middle to fill with the berry mix.

8. Pop into the oven and bake until edges are beginning to brown.They are slightly chewy in the middle and very yummy