Smokey BBQ Sauce

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A weekend out collecting wood in the bush for our stove and heater was a natural part of my childhood. While mum and dad loaded the trailer we would cook our sausages over an open fire, carefully avoiding the smoke. There was nothing like a slightly scorched sausage in bread slightly soggy from the BBQ sauce..

Such a fond memory... I just had to make my own BBQ sauce with with enough smokiness reminiscent of those weekends, but without being loaded with sugar as so many are. 

This one is sweetened with Australian raisins and is perfect for all your saucey needs.

As with all my products, it is naturally gluten free, vegan friendly and can be used in a multiple of ways. 




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Tomato, chipotle,, paprika, raisins, vinegar, spices

1 Review

ann 20th Jul 2016

Smokey BBQ sauce

Really yummy sauce. Great kick of flavour. Love that this sauce is GF and no refined sugars. !

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