Easy Vegan Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie

beetroot love

Usually my kitchen experiments happen because something has inspired me, but it doesn't take much,  it could be something I have heard or seen, or sometimes I wake 3am with a "good  idea". In this case it was because I was given some beautiful organic beetroots and the colour of them is just amazing, so beautiful.

So my slightly beetroot crazed week  began with these brownies, (3 different versions, until I got the perfect combo ), then a beetroot relish, followed by beetroot salad for lunch everyday.

The following is version 3, it was simplified from the original that included way to many un-neccesary ingredients, I think it is now perfect to whip up quickly.  

I intend on making some for Christmas, prettying it up a little and taking it to any functions I am going to.

It tastes rich and decadent, looks absolutely amazing but it is really healthy, what more could you want?  

Vegan Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie

Base Ingredients

1 tablespoon TLC Mix, works as a perfect egg replacement plus adds a nice little hint of spiciness. 

200 g dates (medjool preferably)

2 small roasted beetroot

325 g Almonds

1/2 cup organic cacao

1/4 cup of dutch cocoa

1/4 cup of coconut oil

TLC Mix egg replacer

1/2 teaspoon of bi- carb soda 

1/4 cup of coconut cream

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar 

1/2 cup of toasted walnut pieces (optional)

Topping ingredients

1/2 cup of coconut oil 

1/4 cup cacao

2 tablespoons of coconut sugar or rice malt syrup 

1/4 cacao nibs (optional)

cacao powder for decorating


1. Preheat your oven to 200c . 

2. Line a baking tray with grease proof paper

3. Place the TLC mix in a bowl with enough cold water to cover, add the bi-carb soda and let it sit to do its business while you get the other ingredients ready.

4. Blend the almonds in a food processor until ground to a fine meal.

5. Peel the beetroot (gloves are a good idea if you don't want pink hands) roughly chop into pieces and add to the food processor.

6. Start the processor and add the dates a few at a time through the shoot until all added. 

7. Add all the other base ingredients including the TLC Mix, which will be gelatinous by now, and blend until smooth.

8. Stir in the walnuts if you are using them. 

9. Spoon the mixture  into the baking tray, it will be quite thick, spread evenly to about  2 cm thick. DO NOT wash the food processor bowl yet) 

10. Sprinkle with cacao nibs if you are using them  and bake in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes.

11. While this beautiful purply slice is baking its time to clean the bowl, this is an essential step as any dregs left in 

that processor bowl are way too good to wash down the sink. I recommend a rubber spatula to get every little bit out of every crevice, then fingers, or alternatively, add some almond milk and process until it has combined with the left overs (leave a little more in the bowl) and have your self a beetrooty drink.  

12. When the slice is cooked it will change color slightly and rise a little. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly about 15 mins is enough then carefully cut into squares leaving it in the pan.

13. Combine the topping ingredients in a blender until liquid and while the slice is still warm pour this over the top evenly, it will drizzle down in between each piece and when cooled will add a nice little crisp as you bite it. 

14. Pop it in the freezer to set if you are impatient like me. 

15. Once cold, or partially frozen it will easily break into the pre cut squares, serve with a dusting of cacao powder. This slice needs to be kept refrigerated and also can be frozen (if it lasts that long!)

essential bowl cleaning